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SoaVis Graph Legend

The graph shows a number of SoaVis elements to show the legend explaining the colors used. You can click on an entity to show the corresponding page. The entities are:

  • Front-End
    A Front-End is a system that can use one or more services to deliver the desired functionality.
  • Service Up
    A Service Up definition is used for those services that are using one of the Current Services further down the chain of service instantiations.
  • Current Service
    The Current Service definition is used for all services that are used as a starting point for the analysis. Other entities like Project, Component, Chain can define several services as starting point.
  • Service Down
    The Service Down definition is used for services that are used by one of the Current Services.
  • Not Defined
    This definition is used for ServiceReferences to services that are not (yet?) defined in this environment. Its status is automatically changed as soon as the definition is uploaded to this site.
  • Back-End
    A Back-End is a system that is used by one or more services to deliver the desired functionality.
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