Sample Project

Change History

Version Date Author Description
0.1.0 18-03-2014 JdB Created as a sample for explaining the design output.
0.2.0 17-10-2014 JdB Re-created for SVT.

High Level Overview

Dependencies Graph

These processes serve as an example for the SOA Visualisation Tool (SVT).

Non functional Requirements

Info Box

Last Updated13-02-2015

The processes and adapters within the Sample project have the following non-functional requirements:

  • Availability: 7 x 24 hours (but may be temporarily down for normal maintenance outside office-hours.)
    The required high availability stems from the fact that web sites will day and night be reached by external customers.

  • Performance/Load:
    No specific additional requirements concerning the expected load, throughput and response times are defined.

However it is known that the Sample front end may send a load as high as 1700 requests per hour.

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