3 Implemented SOA visualisation

  1. Article – 1 Introduction
  2. 2 Some background information
  3. 2.1 The organisation and ICT infrastructure
  4. 2.2 Five layer SOA architecture
  5. 2.3 Additional terminology in the SOA architecture
  6. 3 Implemented SOA visualisation
  7. 3.1 Central repository
  8. 3.2 EAI Wiki
  9. 4 Future developments
  10. 5 Lessons learned

The Five Layer SOA Model presented in the previous chapter (Figure 1) is very useful as a reference for developing services in a consistent and incremental way. In this article, I concentrate on the visualisation of the information. The design process uses a central repository to store the relevant information. This central repository is the basis for a number of presentations. Both the central repository and the EAI Wiki as visualisation tool are explained in the next sections.

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